About Central Kentucky Veterinary Center and Reviews

We're passionate about animals and only offer the best care possible.

 Central Kentucky Veterinary Center is a full-service, animal hospital in Georgetown, Kentucky. Our veterinarians, veterinarian technicians

and veterinarian assistants are very experienced and prepared to handle any situation. Caring for animals is a very rewarding job, and we take it very seriously.

 At Central Kentucky Veterinary Center, we only provide high-standard, loving care for your pet. Call and schedule a  check-up today!


 Jim W.

On Thursday a couple of neighbor dogs got lose from their pen. They came over to our house and attacked my yellow lab Winston, who was in the back yard. Unfortunately, I wasn't home when it happened. Winston received two wounds on his back left leg area.   I took him to Central KY vet on Saturday morning. Our appointment was for 730am. We got in the doors around 720am and we were placed into a room at 735am. The vet saw Winston immediately and checked his wounds. Winston got his wounds cleaned, received antibiotics, and pain meds. The total time at the vet was approximately 1 hour. My bill for the visit was - 7.The bill included cleaning the wounds (there were two), antibiotics, a cone, sedative and pain meds. The place was clean and well staffed. The staff is always friendly. The vet seemed knowledgeable. Tip: make an appointment, unless it's an emergency. It's only my opinion but the head cone doesn't work on very active dogs. Well see. 11-14-2018 *** 3 stars. Took our dog "Stonewall" to CKVC in Georgetown, KY. He developed a large mass on his chest area. He is an 11 year old chocolate lab. Our appointment was for 9am and we were placed in a room at 8:54 after arriving a couple minutes early. The Vet saw us at 9:01. The place was clean n as usual, the staff was friendly. The estimate to remove the mass was 7.51. That seems really high for just removing a small mass.  I paid .92 for the vet visit today. I scheduled an another appointment to have the mass removed for Monday morning. I will take a day and look for a better deal or I might cancel the appointment all together.  I will update my post when I decide. 3-23-2019 update review. I'm back to 5 stars lol. Our beloved dog, Stonewall, passed on March 10th. The diagnosis I received from both veterinary services advised his cancer was terminal and operating would (maybe) prolong his life. We decided not to have surgery and Stonewalls cancer grew quickly. Sad, but he wagged his tail to the end. Tip - There is a great Animal Hospice Service in Lexington. Yes, I said hospice. Lap of love. They were awesome. Check them out. You won't be disappointed.


Kyndra C.

This place is a very solid vet. It has several different vets so you can't really build a relationship with just one, but they are all nice and knowledgeable.


Sarah M.

Being new to being fur parents, it's a little overwhelming the amount of vets there are between Lexington & Georgetown. I just wanted to take our girl to the right one. After consulting one of my dearest friends, this was one of the places she recommended. Being less than a a 5 minute drive from the house didn't hurt either. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The facility is incredibly clean. Our first visit within 10 days from getting her from LHS, Dr. Kirkland was her vet and she was not only helpful be very thorough with any and all questions I had. Our follow up visit today was just as delightful (she has a follow up booster shot). They are open after 5pm by appointment and on the weekends. I definitely feel as though they have been the best choice for us.


Keryn C.

This place is amazing.  They take excellent care of my dog and are reasonably priced.  Even better, their availability is great.  I called at 7:30 when they opened the doors and they got me in at 8 am.   Love the staff as well.


John F.

Awesome staff and great service. Vet did an initial visit with our pup and went over the exam with us.


Amber T.

Horrible experience!  Didn't have enough $ to pay and was told we couldn't take our dog home. Shameful


J H.

I was given an estimate by a vet's office in Lexington and shopped around and asked some questions. It saved me 0.00. I will forever be loyal to this office for their business practices and pricing efforts. My dog was given wonderful care.


Melissa S.

I love this vet. We have been taking our 2 rottweilers there for years. My oldest rottweiler had some medical issues and they have always been able to take care of him and provide him relief for whatever pain he might have. Very affordable and good hours. Dr. Fuller is by far the best vet out here in this area.


David W.

This is the best veterinary service you will find anywhere.  The principal vets, Scott Weakley and Scott Trisch are the most ethical professionals I know.Over the past 8 years, we have used them for all types of needs.  From cleaning the ears of our puppies to euthanizing our long time pet; compassionate, cost effective, and professional service was always received.  They are thorough and are never looking to advance their billings.  They often provide options that are cheaper.Leave the big city and go to vets that follow the golden rule.


Ivey W.

Great staff and affordable. We are newer to Lexington so we haven't established a vet yet- when one of our cats got sick Central Kentucky Vet came highly recommended. They took us in same day which was great-  they have extended hours that are perfect to accommodate work/school schedules. Our cat didn't have anything major and they didn't take an opportunity to run us through a ton of expensive diagnostics. We will be scheduling our other 3 animals soon for wellness exams, we are very happy first time customers!


Sarah R.

I have been a pet owner all of my life and a veterinary nurse for 18 years. I cannot say enough about how wonderful ALL of the staff is here!!!! I moved here from Ohio about four years ago and was terrified about finding someone new to deal with emergencies for my four fur babies. You see, I still drive them almost two hours each way back to my vet, whom had been my vet and employer for almost two decades for all wellness checks. Then it happened. I needed a vet, and fast. I was first introduced to Central Ky by a referral at the business where I was working as a tech and dog trainer. They told me to come right up even though I was new and they were fully booked. The office staff is caring and sensitive and professional. I was so impressed with the entire staff in fact, I hesitantly began bringing my dogs and cats to them for more things AND they were much, much less expensive than my own vet , including my discount!! Most importantly. When I have questions and concerns, and believe you me I have many, and frequently!. Each Dr spends as much time with me and gives me their full attention, techs too! Jane is my favorite, although they are all fantastic! I have a male shepherd mix who gets very scared and aggressive only at the vet and requires sedation when we go. They don't muzzle him. They give him his sedative, and wait however long it takes, which is much longer than it should, until he is sedated and then take a small piece of soft pantyhose and tie it around his mouth and back of his head for some added safety. It's me who asks for a slip muzzle when I see he's sedated but still going to attempt to put up a fight!! They are so beyond patient. They love their clients and I when I had to put my 20 year old cat down Dr. Bollinger gave my Vigo extra sedation , at my request , even though I knew he was completely knocked out, bc it made me feel better. I always have my fur babies cross their rainbow bridge at home whenever possible and they will do that for you as long as one of the vets can get away and for an extremely reasonable price. I was just there last night with both of my dogs. I also have a purebred AKC gorgeous female black GSD who they all fuss and love over. She's just a pet. No breeding or showing, but every client is a VIP there!!! I am beyond thrilled to have found them and please do you and your pets a favor and go here as they go above and beyond the call of duty !! One last thing, and this is the most important thing to me. The doctors will not push any norm or agenda on you. They absolutely will talk with you ,at length about what is best for YOUR pet's situation AT THAT TIME. That is a rare find!!! Thanks for letting me tell you about them!!! Sarah Rampleman-Reichinger

About Central Kentucky Veterinary Center and ReviewsAbout Central Kentucky Veterinary Center and ReviewsAbout Central Kentucky Veterinary Center and Reviews
About Central Kentucky Veterinary Center and ReviewsAbout Central Kentucky Veterinary Center and Reviews