Everything you need to know about Lyme disease

Lyme disease is becoming more difficult to control than previously thought. Its means of spread, ticks, makes it very difficult to eradicate and can infect humans if it is chopped. for an infected specimen.

Not all types of ticks may contain Lyme disease, only so-called black-legged ticks , commonly called 'deer ticks'. It is also not so simple that the disease spreads, since it is necessary that the tick is hooked to your body a minimum of 24 hours to infect you.

 Black-legged ticks

Lyme disease-causing bacteria

There are four types of bacteria that cause the disease and are different depending on the area: in the United States, the cause of the disease are Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia mayonii , while that in Europe and Asia the disease is caused by B orrelia afzelii and B orrelia garinii .

Ticks become infected by feeding on small rodents, like mice or squirrels, infected with the B. burgdorferi . This bacterium does not kill the tick and can live in it for a long time.

Risk factors

This type of ticks are mostly found in very wooded areas, with abundant vegetation , the perfect environment for the reproduction of these parasites. In the areas of grass can also be found, on the top of the leaves, ready to climb on any animal that comes near.

Children and people who spend a lot of time outdoors or doing activities in nature are much more likely to get bitten by a tick and, therefore, to be infected with the disease.

Ticks in the field

Avoid taking many areas of the skin exposed when traveling through areas of field to make things more difficult for black-legged ticks. If you live in areas where this type of mite abounds, do not let your pets get into the bushes.


The first thing that appears a few days after the extraction of the tick is a small red bump , similar to the bite of a mosquito, but that is common in any tick bite, whether infected or not.

If he had the disease of Lyme, will appear a rash that will be increased, which gives the typical shape of porthole . This can appear between the third day or the past month.If you have been infected with Lyme disease and you notice the symptoms that we have mentioned, go to your doctor to start the treatment.

Normally it does not cause serious problems if detected early, so It is not advisable to delay the visit to the doctor if you suffer or have suffered the symptoms of the disease. Not to stop having the symptoms the disease has disappeared, and it must be treated in the same way, although months have passed since the problems have disappeared.