Fish of great beauty for your aquarium

The marine world offers a huge variety of species of incredible shapes, colors and sizes. Some are very small, like corals, and others really very large, like the blue whale. But there is a series of fish of great beauty that you can choose for your aquarium.

Certain fish have very striking colors and 'designs' very unique in their body ; In most cases these colors and designs serve to camouflage them from their predators.

Remember that fish can also be great pets , especially for those who do not have much space in home or can not spend much time. An aquarium can also be a good way to teach children to be responsible with animals.

Next, we will see some ideas of fish of great beauty that you can have in your aquarium . A very important aspect is to take care and advice to choose species that get along.

Mandarin fish

Mandarin fish ( Synchiropus splendidus ), also known as Mandarin goby, is a small fish with very bright colors. Be part of the dragoncito family, which is widely used in saltwater aquariums . This fish is native to the Pacific Ocean.

Mandarin fish: information

Its body is elongated and has bulging eyes, it measures approximately six centimeters in length and has two dorsal fins. It offers us very striking colors and spectacular designs; The background color is usually blue and over it orange, yellow and green stripes stand out . Its diet is based on small crustaceans and other invertebrates.


This fish owes its name to Mr. Lechmere Guppy, who discovered it. It is one of the most popular fish of great beauty for home aquariums, for ease of maintenance . The males are more colorful than the females, which have offspring every 30 days.

Guppy fish: fry

Clown fish

Clown fish, also called anemonefish, is one of the most beautiful and most requested species for aquariums. These beautiful fish became well known for the film Finding Nemo , since its protagonist was just a clownfish.

 Most beautiful fish: clown fish

Your body is usually yellow or orange and have white stripes with black borders . The fins are also usually surrounded by a black line. There are different species of clownfish, which vary in their colors and designs, and all of them are very attractive.

The largest specimens reach 18 centimeters in length, while the smallest ones hardly reach 10 centimeters.

Discus fish

Disco fish are considered the kings of the aquarium. It is a very beautiful species that is also very sociable. They are medium-sized fish, its body is round and flattened, similar to a disc . The fins are extended and have a very small mouth and very bright eyes.

Fish disk ( Symphysodon discus)

These beautiful fish vary in color depending on the species. They are usually green, blue, brown or even red . Some are of a single color, while others have very striking designs.It belongs to the family of the syngnatids; your body is surrounded by bony rings . It has a snout of medium size and a small crown with five points.

Hippocampus or seahorse : characteristics

Generally, they are of colors that go from the white to the dark brown; they often have white or sometimes dark transverse stripes. When the seahorse is exposed to intense light, its color becomes lighter . The size of this species varies, but it can measure up to 25 centimeters.

Betta fish or Siam fighter

The betta fish is also known as a Siam fighter, since this species was used by the Thai people formerly to make fish fights . They are fish of great beauty and also some of the most popular species for freshwater aquariums.

Fighting fish of Siam

It belongs to the gourami family ( Osphronemidae ), of the order of the Perciformes. He is originally from Southeast Asia; The natural colors of betta fish are green and brown.

The species developed in captivity have many other colors, very showy, and different types of fins. They are very elegant fish and easy to care for, so they are found in many aquariums .

Any of these fish species that we have seen will serve to give a beautiful color to our aquarium . We will create a different space at home, and enjoy these little pets.