Why does dwarfism occur in nature?

Dwarfism in nature is a phenomenon that seems unusual . Rarely do humans stop to think about why dwarfism happens more often in Homo sapiens than in any other species.

Have you ever wondered Why animals have different sizes? In nature, size determines the survival of a species. For this reason, the size of an animal is closely linked to its dynamics in the ecosystem.

In temperate climates animals are usually larger to conserve body heat. However, in hot climates animals have evolved to a smaller size .

In turn, the size of a predator or prey may become the largest strength . Also, it is not a secret that successful mating in nature depends on the size of the specimen.

So, what is the reason why the species seem to be getting smaller and smaller? Is there an explanation for dwarfism in nature?

Differences between French bulldog and English bulldog

Common causes of dwarfism in nature

Dwarfism is a phenomenon through which a living being it does not seem to be of the typical size that other individuals of its own species . In humans, it is easy to determine at a glance that an individual suffers from dwarfism.

Dwarfism in humans has been studied on many occasions. At present, several studies claim that there are three metabolic and physiological reasons that give rise to dwarfism .

According to experts, this phenomenon may be due to genetic causes , hormonal imbalances or nutritional deficiencies . Although dwarfism occurs throughout the animal and plant kingdoms, the causes are not always the same in humans and animals.

In humans, three out of four cases of dwarfism are due to achondroplasia, a genetic mutation . This mutation modifies the proportion between the extremities and the torso of a person. While the torso is similar in size to the rest of the species, the extremities are much shorter.

In animals, dwarfism due to genetic mutation or hormonal imbalances is rare. However, cases of dwarfism in the wild by achondroplasia exist and we have several examples at a glance.

Dachshund or teckel or dachshund

Dwarfism by achondroplasia is very common in certain kinds of dogs . Dachshunds, or dachsund, as well as bulldogs and basset hound, are breeds affected by genetic dwarfism. This dwarfism shortens their legs, although their trunks are still normal size and proportional to their heads.

However, being a genetic condition, often these breeds also suffer from other kinds of problems Accompanying genetic dwarfism, these breeds usually have problems in sight.

Insular dwarfism in wild animals

There is another reason that is not related to metabolic causes or physiological. In the animal kingdom, evolutionary dwarfism is also known as insular dwarfism . Insular dwarfism is the most common type of dwarfism in wild animals. Believe it or not, dwarfism in nature is present in many species.

Insular dwarfism is an evolutionary process by which the size of a species varies according to natural resources. reach .For this reason, in habitats with difficult access and mobility, prey and predators have evolved into pygmies.

 Borneo pygmy elephant

Some of the species that have become pygmies in their wild state are the Bornean pygmy elephant, the pygmy marmoset and the African dwarf goats. Many of the pygmy animals are incredibly tender because of their peculiar size .

The elephants and pygmy hippos are clearly much smaller than their 'normal' counterparts . However, its size is still quite large, and is that an adult pygmy elephant can weigh 5 000 kilograms.

Pygmy goats are specimens that can reach half the size of a Adult goat without dwarfism; A dwarf goat is between 40 and 60 centimeters. The videos of pygmy goats are used as relaxing and de-stressing by many people.

Pygmy goats

One of the most acute cases of dwarfism in nature is that of the pygmy marmoset. One of these monkeys weighs only 100 grams. A pygmy marmoset is less than the size of the palm of an adult human's hand.

Pygmy pets

. Especially in pets, many humans look for the most extreme cases of pygmy animals.

Due to the same dwarfism in nature, the wolf evolved into the little chihuahua dog. Some people prefer not to have dogs or cats, but they choose another class of pygmy animals.

 Pygmy pigs

Among the usual animals are pygmy goats and, of course, pygmy pigs. Which one do you prefer?